Narcotics & Explosives Detection

Corporates, Educational Institutions and Hotels use our services to conduct random safety and inspections and prevent nefarious activities on their campuses.

Detecting Narcotics

We provide the services of a drug dog and handler team to conduct searches as per the client’s requirements.

The dogs are trained to indicate the presence of drugs even in minute quantities, and to maintain that proficiency they undergo maintenance training regularly.

Our search services are limited to detecting the presence of drugs in any given area as set out by the client. While a search is conducted, the drug dog team MUST BE accompanied by a representative of the client. If the dog indicates the presence of drugs the dog handler will inform the representative that the drug dog has given an alert at a particular location. All subsequent action is left to the client.

Please contact us for further information about our drug dog services.


Detecting Explosives

We offer the services of fully trained and tested K9 explosives detection teams to conduct searches at schools, corporate facilities, large venues, factories, homes, on aircraft, trains, buses etc. to give you or your client peace of mind.

If you are seriously considering the use of our Explosive Detection Services, please send us an e-mail detailing your requirement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not provide dogs to be used merely as deterrents. Our dogs are trained to exacting standards and this ensures that the team you have on your premises conducting the search is professional, well trained and capable.
Their only goal is to find the explosives. They have been statistically tested to provide a detection probability of over 95% with zero false alerts. If you have any questions regarding this service please do not hesitate to contact us.

All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.