Dog Guru School

Dog Guru School

In December 2009, after returning from topping his Canine Psychology and Behaviour Course from UNITEC New Zealand, Amrut realized his dream and set up the Dog Guru School in Kengeri, Bangalore. This is the only psychological center for dogs in India and admits dogs starting from 6 months of age and has no upper age limit.


Since then, apart from providing basic obedience, behavioural & explosives / narcotics detection training, Dogguru School has been able to save the lives of over 300 dogs with behavioural disorders from being euthanized by retraining & rehabilitating them.




Early in his training career, Amrut noticed that dogs trained by trainers would only obey them and not their owners. He realized that if a dog was to obey its owner, the owner would have to be the perceived pack leader. Amrut also had a brainwave of integrating dogs into the training regimen as well as training the owner to be the pack leader.


The fundamental concept of Dogguru School is to demonstrate to both dogs and owners that the owners are the pack leaders, and all commands – “sit”, “down”, “sleep”, “roll”, “crawl” – are postures of surrender by the dog to his owner. This respect and acquiescence by the dog that the owner is the pack leader has to be earned through firmness and responsibility – for the dog follows the pack leader and does not decide anything by himself in his presence.


Since December 2009, Dogguru School has trained more than 700 dogs, most of whose owners are very comfortable with their dogs as they understand and have a rapport built with their dogs through our training.

Dogguru School also supplies Explosives and Narcotics Detection dogs to corporates.


Cisco Bangalore’s search, in 2010, for Explosives Detection Dogs (US standards) led them to “Dog Guru” Amrut, who took on the responsibility to train and provide the dogs to specifications. Today “Dog Guru” Amrut is a contract holder for large corporate clients like Embassy Tech Village, Vrindavan Tech Park, Manyata Tech Park, Cessna Business Park, Cisco and hotels like the Park Plaza.


Dogguru School has also supplied dogs to the Brigade Group, the World Trade Center and Orion Mall campus during public emergencies.

Our Corporate Clients