Behavioural Training

Training for Appropriate Social Behaviour:

Dog Psychology has revolutionized dog training. A dog’s behavior is not necessarily in-born, it is also shaped by its environment. Behaviour (both appropriate and inappropriate) is learned.The proper training of your dog or pup develops basic character and self-control.

Training for “Appropriate Social Behaviour” involves the following:

  • House-breaking your pet
  • Training to prevent the following behaviours:
    Biting, digging, chewing of furniture, eating houseplants, un- necessary barking, aggression towards other dogs, jumping on people, chasing cars and people on bicycles etc.
  • Training to overcome fear of loud noises and car-sickness
  • Help with separation anxiety
  • Adjustment to children

We also advise you on the following:

  • Poison proofing your home
  • Bolting of gates and doors
  • Boundary training

and much more…