Basic Obedience Training

Basic Obedience Training

Obedience Training Programs require only 3 weeks and it’s possible to train dogs of ALL ages!

Your new pet needs clear, consistent expectations to be set soon after it becomes part of your family.


Dogs are pack animals and need a clear-cut hierarchy. Although your pets may seem almost human, remember they do not think like us. Treating your pets like they are human can cause behavioral issues that increase stress and anxiety all around and result in a nervous and aggressive pet.


It is necessary that the social hierarchy and structure is set in place, otherwise you’ll find that your new pet will try to implement a pack structure and place itself at the top, leading to disruptions and stress in the household. This is why expecting your new pet to be consistently obedient, reliable and predictable from the get go,whether it is a puppy or an older rescue dog, would not be realistic.


Basic Obedience Training will often elevate the dog’s confidence level. Shy dogs can become more outgoing while aggressive dogs become calmer making them happy and productive members of the household.


Our techniques are based on repetition, consistency and reward. Obedience Training has a 98% success rate. Oh and did I mention that Obedience Training Programs require only 3 weeks and is for dogs of ALL ages?

  • Teaches Appropriate Social Behaviour
  • To follow the commands “sit”, “stay” and come to you when called
  • To “walk to heel”
  • It will also teach you, the pet owner, Safe Handling Techniques
  • We demonstrate exactly what your dog has been taught.
  • We then teach you how to achieve the same response from your dog.
  • We do this on a one to one basis – along with your dog of course!
  • We’re on hand to answer any questions or clarifications you may have.
  • If you have any further questions or problems once you take your pet home, please feel free to e-mail or telephone us.

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