Amrut “Dog Guru” Hiranya

About Us

Amrut “Dog Guru” Hiranya is the first Indian to be awarded the Australian Dog Whisperer John Richardson Cup for his work in dog training and behavior.


Amrut Sridhara Hiranya was born with passion for dogs. Even as a schoolboy, he won many laurels by breeding, importing and showing dogs. He then started training dogs and learning from other trainers in the country. He simultaneously finished his Engineering with the support and guidance of his parents and his elder brother.

Despite completing his Engineering, his heart was in Canine Psychology so, after intensive research, Amrut decided to enroll in the excellent Canine Psychology and Behaviour Course offered by the Animal Sciences Department at UNITEC in New Zealand.

This decision proved to be a great one as Amrut graduated as the course topper in December 2009.

Amrut returned to India despite being offered a job by the New Zealand Government with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry because he felt that by coming back to India as the only qualified canine behaviourist, he could give back what he owed to all the dogs who had loved, supported and taught him all the lessons of life!

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